Forum Title: We were a bit taken aback by your hourly rate, said one PC to me.
I get a call by this woman who is a real estate agent wanting wallpaper removal. She's having this house she's flipping painted but the current painting contractor doesn't do wallpaper removal. She asks me if I can I come by and give her a quote. I tell her I don't quote wallpaper removal, that it's $50/hr to remove wallpaper, Gardz and patch if necessary + materials. She says it's the top half of the dining room and a bathroom. I tell her that I can probably get it done for $400 if it was properly sized, etc, but I can make no promises. I get to the site and the dining room is already painted. Ceiling (understandable), trim and walls below chair rail. Ceiling and trim are painted in the bathroom, too. I send the lady a text telling her to waive liability should the new coatings get damaged, etc, and tell her that it's beyond my understand why any PC would paint a room prior to the removal of wallpaper. She waives liability then proceeds to tell me her dad is the PC and has to pull off the job to go to another soon, so that's why they painted it. So I start with the scoring of the dining room wallpaper. Spray the solution on and almost immediately the paint on the chair starts to bubble. I wipe it with my finger and it comes right off. I'm shaking my head as I notice the coat beneath is oil, neither scuffed nor primed. And through walking about the house, I notice large drywall cracks simply filled with caulk and painted over, painted over drywall gouges and paper tears galore (likely from the previous owner's removal of wallpaper). Just terrible, terrible and completely unpassable work. So I'm scoring the upstairs bathroom and a guy walks in a introduces himself as the lady's father and the PC on the job. After small talk he tells me, We were a bit taken aback by your hourly rate, but I guess a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Seriously? I just smiled at him and kept working. I was about a millisecond away from telling him that I was taken aback by the fact that he, who doesn't prep and doesn't do wallpaper removal, calls himself a painting contractor. I mean the guy had a crew of four there, for crying out loud! There was no reason for him to give me crap about my rate when he could have easily given a couple of his guys overtime to do the wallpaper removal. Jerkface! Turns out the wallpaper was directly adhered to the drywall and was a true joy to remove. Took me 19 hours to get it ready for paint, but I was nice to the lady and only charged her 16.
Category: Painter Post By: AMBER WILLIAMSON (Shreveport, LA), 07/20/2019

Absolutely no surprise to me given the range of acceptability in the painting trade. I don't know how you guys and gals do it without going bonkers. It's too bad you had to forfeit $150.00 because you followed best practices. I'm going to try to knock the price down on my next month's mortgage payment. Maybe they'll feel bad for me too.

- ROSA CHAPMAN (Garland, TX), 08/10/2019

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