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I'm giving this stuff a go on a set of cabinets and thought I would share my impressions. This set of doors had a dark stain and a polyurethane finish. I applied Bin Advanced after cleaning with DN alcohol and scuff sanding with 80 grit on an orbital. I will rate my impressions on a 1-10 comparison scale to regular Bin shellac primer with a 10 being equal to the performance of regular Bin. Lower numbers will represent the degree to which I felt the Advanced fell short of the regular Bin. Spray ability - 6 I started spraying with a new 211 spray tip. The material (un thinned) didn't seem to be breaking up like I wanted it to and there was a lot of overspray. Large drops of overspray it seemed. I switched to a 310FF tip and that improved the pattern and gave me a nice smooth film. It was nice to not have to worry about explosion hazard or solvent fumes, but overall it didn't spray as easily as regular Bin. Bonding - 10 Bin Advance dried very quickly and passed a scratch test over polyurethane after 4 hours. Stain Blocking - 9 The doors I primed had a very dark existing stain and a thin, worn out polyurethane finish. I expected bleeding to be a problem and some staining did show through the primer film. As of now however it appears that the stains were locked in the primer film (after overnight dry). I considered applying another coat of primer to ensure these stains wouldn't come through, but in the spirit of experimentation I let it be. None of the stains came through the top coat (Advance satin). Sand ability - 4 Even after an overnight dry the Advanced did not dry sand well at all. Here's a side by side showing the drastic difference in sanding qualities. The regular Bin powders up nicely, while the Advanced rolled up and clogged the sandpaper. It did however wet sand very nicely. I was able to slick it down well with a little water and some 400 grit. Leveling qualities - 7 A side by side comparison of a brushed sample showed that the Advanced did not level out quite as well as the regular. Regular Bin will flow out very smoothly if applied thickly and quickly enough with a brush, the brush strokes almost disappear. The Advanced flowed out OK but I could see and feel the brush strokes more in it than I could in the regular Bin. Sheen holdout - 10 Bin Advanced seemed to have slightly better sheen hold out in a side by side comparison top coated with Advance satin.
Category: Painter Post By: MARGIE RAMSEY (Denton, TX), 07/06/2019

Overall, I am very pleased this product. The benefits of having the performance characteristics of shellac primer in a water based formula are numerous and in one respect at least, the synthetic formula is superior. And that is flexibility. The dries film of Bin Advanced is quite flexible. This is a piece of it I peeled off of the Gorilla tape on top of my saw horses It's very pliable and strong. Very different than the brittle, flaky film of traditional shellac primers.

- JENNIE SHARP (Lancaster, CA), 08/09/2019

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