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I am a water/smoke damage contractor. We probably roll and brush close to 200 gallons of primer per year after cleaning. We rarely to never paint. I used a painter for the better part of 2 years to do this for me. Earlier this month, he moved from NY to another state, seeking lower taxes. One job I hired his helper to do so far, who has been trying to scrape by on his own about a month now. He's not that good. The big problem is he is uninsured. The insurance adjuster gave me a hard time when he found him on the work site. I personally can paint. One of my two staffers can paint. The other one I wouldn't even allow within 10 yards of an open paint can, he is very clumsy. We just don't have the time to paint, sometimes not even to prime or seal, because I'd get two losses in three days, then nothing for a week. It happens like this all the time. So I don't lose my skilled worker, I have equipped him to do floor sanding and refinishing. He can average 30-35 hours per week. He says he can spray. He says I can learn to spray. We can even pick up some work just painting... I don't know. He says we need a sprayer. A Titan 440 for about $900 or a Graco 390 for about $800 or a 395 for $1000. If I wanted to be cheap a Graco X19 for under $700. This isn't a lot to spend, but it isn't a little either. Total newb to spraying, how quick will it take to get the hang of this? Will it really improve my productivity that much over say a 12 roller? Do I really want to even go down this path? Is this industry dominated by fly-by-nights I can't use or big companies that will steal my customers? Thanks.
Category: Painter Post By: Lyndi (Utica, NY), 07/23/2019

Most here would tend to advise you to hire professional painters who can give both you and your customers a quality job. It's been my experience that anyone who does something full time is going to be better (and faster) at it than someone who only occaisionally does it. That's why I don't do my own texturing or wallpaper removal.

- GUY REEVES (Richmond, VA), 08/30/2019

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